Real Estate Photography Tips

Proserpine Real Estate Photography

I’ll just start by saying that I LOVE real estate!  Maybe it was playing so much Monopoly as a kid, but buying, selling and of course photographing real estate are some of my favourite things to do.  (OMG I wish I had money to invest right now – soooo many bargain’s in the Whitsundays!!!)

It’s the potential!  I can turn the dirtiest dump into something liveable and homely in my head, and I find that sort of potential exciting.  However, not everyone thinks like I do, when it comes to things like that.  A lot of people take months to decide over properties, they agonise over every detail, it all has to be exactly right, and the look, smell and feel of a place has to be exactly so before they will sign on the dotted line. This doesn’t just apply to buying a property, but also renting, holiday letting, and even short accommodation stays.  These days with the internet, buyers get to compare many properties, make short lists and prioritise them, as well as set-up alerts so that properties that fit their criteria can be emailed through as soon as they appear online.

Great photos will help your home stand out, and attract as much interest as possible, it will help get you on the shortlist and hopefully put you ahead of other properties competing for your buyer, renter, holiday letter, etc.  Professional photographers have the skills and equipment to highlight the special features of your home, we have the eye for detail for all the nit picky things that you may no longer notice, and we know the best angles and lighting to help you get the most flattering images of your property. Give your premises the best first impression, and best chance at a sale by starting out with professional photos from the very beginning.  Poor quality photos can put people off and extend the length of time that it sits unsold.  This extended timeframe can make buyers nervous and wondering what is wrong with your property.

Tropix Photography has been photographing real estate for decades, and whether you have a tin shed on land, a cozy little unit or a fully furnished 5 star holiday house overlooking the Whitsunday Islands, here are a few tips to improve the quality of your photoshoot (which you may want to keep in mind for your open house inspections as well):

  1. Make sure your property is clean and uncluttered, hire storage space if necessary.  If you have tenants, consider paying for cleaners before open houses.
  2. Check that all your lights work, the lighting in a house can really affect the warmth of the property
  3. Clean, fresh bed linen, nice plump pillows and dress cushions make a big difference – bare bed mattresses, should never be seen.
  4. Remove pet dishes and toys, and make sure you clean up any doggy doodoo on the lawn
  5. Well tended lawns and gardens are so important in setting a positive first impression

I know what you’re thinking, it’s all common sense, but it is very rare that I will turn up to a property and tick off everything on this little list.

We would love to chat with you about your property, please contact us for more information.